Non-Profit Organizations

Your best donors get a great deal of mail from many organizations, and they tend to assume that duplicates abound. So you want to avoid having your donors make the snap judgment, “Oh, that’s just like the mailing I received last week.”


From custom data coding to hand-matched mailings to targeted, urgent “teasers” lasered on outer envelopes, PMC provides complete solutions to boost your organization’s recognition and response rates.

Non-Profit Highlights

The Personal Advantage

Communicate courtesy and consideration to your donors with personalized, high quality direct mail packages and watch your ROIs soar.

Cost-Friendly Production

PMC helps you minimize costs, giving you extra funding to acquire new members or re-solicit existing donors with frequently scheduled direct mail campaigns.

Attention to Data

Our data preparation staff pays painstaking attention to each detail of your data, eliminating duplicates and correcting small errors – making the most of your funding dollars.