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For over 32 years, we’ve been leading the way in high quality, personalized direct mail production. And now we’re taking our spirit of excellence to a whole new level.

Direct Mail Solutions

Our complete direct mail solutions can help you meet any need you have – from quick turnaround to cutting-edge, personalized, effective direct mail campaigns.

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To be successful, you must be ready to meet the demands of production and technology. PMC has the innovation and experience it takes for your success.

Direct Mail Excellence

Using unique, highly personalized direct mail, contact your customers by name! PMC produces the innovation that puts you instantly in touch.

Higher Education

A competitive student recruitment-to-enrollment process is crucial to the health, if not the survival of most colleges and universities.  PMC is dedicated to providing you with the latest targeted student recruitment solutions at competitive prices.




Your best donors get a great deal of mail from many organizations, and they tend to assume that duplicates abound. So you want to avoid having your donors make the snap judgment, “Oh, that’s just like the mailing I received last week.”




PMC gives you the ability to produce the unusual – backed by over 20 years of reliable, affordable service. Whether it’s image-building innovation, one-stop production or competitive pricing, we have the solution to meet your company’s needs.




By teaming up with PMC, when you e-mail art and data, your job can be completed quickly in-house, giving you the flexibility and control you want.




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