Put Us to Work for Your Agency with Confidence

By teaming up with PMC, when you e-mail art and data, your job can be completed quickly in-house, giving you the flexibility and control you want.


And you won’t have to worry about getting any competition from us directly with your clients – but we’ll stand behind you with our quality service and competitive pricing.

Agency Highlights

Reliable Service

At PMC, we’ve built over 32 years of success by keeping our promises. In a highly competitive market, our goal is to make sure you’re able to deliver on your promises and surpass your client’s expectations.

Easy Job Completion

From data preparation to personalization to insertion, PMC makes it easy to produce everything your client needs in one place – one number to call, one service manager, and two happy customers…you and your client.

Best Possible Result

Even under tight deadlines, PMC is committed to producing the best possible result in print and data for your client. The ROIs will testify to our high quality service.