Direct Mail Excellence

At PMC, your success is the only thing on our minds. Right now, the direct mail industry is booming with new opportunities.


To be successful, you must be ready to meet the demands of production and technology. PMC has the innovation, flexibility and experience it takes for your success.


For over 32 years, we’ve been leading the way in high quality, personalized direct mail production. And now we’re taking our spirit of excellence to a whole new level.


Our complete direct mail solutions can help you meet any need you have – from quick turnaround to cutting-edge, personalized direct mail campaigns.

Personalized Marketing Communications, Inc was founded in March of 1985. From the start, it was designed to demonstrate direct mail excellence. In July of 2007, Harvnix, Inc, a company formed by 3 longtime employees of PMC, Clay Harvey, Donna Nixon and David Harvey, purchased PMC. These 3 principals bring over 90 years of combined direct mail experience to the ownership team. They are committed to continue the excellent service of the past and to reach new levels of customer satisfaction in the future.


Excellent Staff

The staff at PMC treats each project like it’s our own. It’s not enough to just think about efficient production. You have to see the whole picture – to think like your client and their audience at the same time. Our innovation and excellence bring both the results they want.


Excellent Solutions

Today, some receive as much e-mail as direct mail. Direct mail won’t be replaced by e-mail, but effective marketing campaigns will require the use of integrated media. More than ever, targeted personalization through direct mail will build faster, better relationships with your audience.


With PMC, you can produce an integrated campaign using highly personalized direct mail without breaking your budget. By forming partnerships with complementary companies in the communications industry, PMC has gained strength beyond our dimensions. PMC’s ability to produce has become as limitless as the imagination of your creative team.